You can check out the home page of this site, but here's the tldr: The Blue and Gold Committee is a UofT Engineering spirit committee that organizes community events, manages tools and design resources available to students, and bridges the gap between what you learn in class and what you build in the real world. If you ever need to borrow tools, or need some help with a practical design project, or have an awesome idea for a fun event we can host, LET US KNOW. We're down to talk about whatever you have in mind.

Fuckfaces in the Wild

We are Ben (ECE 2T1) and Michelle (Mech 2T1), the Chairs for the Blue and Gold Committee 1T9-2T0. We're both hella into tinkering with shit and coming up with both blasphemously bootleg or extremely elegant solutions to our crazy ideas. You can spot either of us in and around, whether we're working/helping with builds, throwing a frisbee, or updating a website **cough cough**!

To be fair, we're still figuring out the best system to go about doing this. We want everyone to have access and realistically filling out a form to do so is mildly tedious. So for now lets just go with either swing us an email or send us a message and we'll get you all set up

Yes yes yes that would be a good thing to know why would't it. We want to make information on our events as accessible as possible so we'll be going through a few means to let people know whats going on throughout the year. Here are your options as of right now:

Actually Functional Mailing List: Sign Up Here
Facebook Page: Blue and Gold Committee
Email Us: blueandgold@skule.ca
Instagram: @bngcommittee
Find us On Facebook: Ben or Michelle

For the most part, yes. We're happy to help out and loan tools to other clubs on a short-term basis. Email us at blueandgold@skule.ca and we can discuss the logistics of it all.

Man we go SO MUCH stuff. Things that go buzz, and smack, and zap, and pfffff. Legit tho we are currently in the works of a full blown inventory, and all of that information will be made public here!